How to choose the right document shredding service provider in Sydney, NSW?

Document shredding service provider in Sydney, NSW?

With paper shredding services gaining so much popularity in Sydney, NSW – every small to medium size enterprise is looking for professional document destruction services to manage their daily, monthly, quarterly and annual document shredding requirements.

Are you also looking for professional document shredding service providers in Sydney, NSW for your business?

You’ve come to the right place. In this article, we are going to help you understand the process of document shredding along with tips on how you can choose the right paper shredding services for your business.

Let’s start!

Paper shredding services involve manual cutting or secure shredding of paper documents into extremely smaller pieces for the smooth disposal. Once the documents are shredded and disposed of properly, the information can never get recovered. To ensure complete document destruction, professional paper shredding services follow a strict process that ensures secure destruction of all documents and materials.

However, to make sure that all your confidential documents are getting handled appropriately, hiring a reliable and professional shredding service provider is a must. This will prevent any leak of vital information or privacy breaches.

Why the regular paper shredding options, not enough?

There are different varieties of shredding machines, but the primary function is the same. Classification is done based on the pattern of strips produced. Most businesses usually install small scale machines that cut the paper into strips and dispose of the document in normal garbage bags. This isn’t right! Your competition might reconstruct your confidential documents from the shredded strips and cause you trouble.

The best way to dispose of your confidential documents is to hire the professionals. Once you have completed the first shredding step in your office. You need to hire a Document Destruction Service provider to help dispose the shredded documents securely.

Checklist to choose your shredding service partner

 ·             Quality of shredding bags

·         Easy pick-up options – convenient time slots

·         Federal vetted drivers who transport your bags

·         GPS tracked vehicles

·         Certificate of destruction

Apart from the above services, you need to check their website for good reviews and testimonials from their clients.

How Sydney Shredding does it?

We offer all the things mentioned in the checklist above. We understand the importance of secure destruction of confidential documents.

After you order our shredding bags, it will be delivered to you by next day. After you seal the bags, we ensure to keep your documents safe from the prying eyes. The bags only get opened before the destruction.

Our drivers (vetted by Federal police) ensure the chain of custody of the bags and secure transportation. You don’t have to worry about your documents getting lost en-route, all the vehicles are company-owned and tracked via GPS.

For more information on paper shredding services, feel free to reach us at 1300 310 452.

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