Top 3 Documents That You Must Not Forget To Shred

There are numerous identity theft cases reported in Australia on a daily basis, most of these cases can be traced back to the vulnerable disposal of confidential documents. It is imperative to hire Secure Document Destruction Services in Sydney to ensure complete destruction of confidential documents.

Nowadays, many people are careful about the disposal of their sensitive documents like their bank statements, credit card bills, and statements. It is imperative to ensure the prevention of identity theft. However, there are few other documents that you must not forget to destroy as they can also cause issues. Just shredding the confidential documents is not enough as thieves can get their hands on those documents and stitch them back to get hold of your information.

It may expose you to fraud and many other issues. According to data, around 75% of Australian’s throw away documents in the garbage that can be used by thieves to steal their identity. The identity theft issue costs $1.6 billion each year to the nation. So secure document destruction is imperative in order to prevent identity theft. 

You should think about hiring paper shredding services in Sydney to dispose of all your confidential documents. Apart from bank and credit card related documents, and some of the obvious such as financial statements, photo IDs, etc., you should also consider disposing of the following 5 documents securely as well.

  1. Airline tickets and boarding passes – While they may seem useless after you’ve completed your flight, criminals can scan your information from the barcodes in the boarding passes and get your information.
  2. Utility bills – These could be any bill such as electricity bill, water bill, phone bill, etc., you must destroy them properly to avoid identity theft.
  3. Medical records – These records must be disposed of properly as they hold vital information that can be used against you.

Don’t just rely on your home shredder for important documents like we have mentioned above. They can be stitched back together by thieves to cause harm to you. You should consider hiring a secure Document Shredding Service provider in Sydney to do the job properly for you. 

Sydney Onsite Destruction Service can make the process incredibly easy and cost-effective for you. Want to learn more about our services? Call us on 1300 310 452.

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