Top 10 documents you must shred to avoid identity theft

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Identity theft cases are on the rise in Australia as more and more criminals have easy access to the confidential information. This type of theft is a fraud where criminals use your personal information to steal your money as well as gain access to other benefits using your identity. 

If you are not vigilant in disposing of your personal information properly, you may end up becoming a victim of identity theft. 

Did you know, up to 75% of Australians simply throw away personal information documents? This has been reported In the Newspoll survey of 2010.

You may be a cautions one to dispose of sensitive information like bank statements, credit card bills, transactional information using a shredder machine but it does not stop the thieves and criminals, as they can have access to your dumpster. According to the Australian Federal Police; Identity Crime has grown many folds in the last decade in Australia and it costs the nation $1.6 billion each year.

The top 10 documents that you need to destroy properly are;

  1. Financial statements: Details of credit cards, bank account information, insurance and investment details. These provide vital information about your finances to fraudsters.
  2. ATM receipts: Thieves can gain access to transaction data through it.
  3. Expired IDs: Any photo identification documents like a passport or old driving license etc. which can be used by criminals to make fake IDs. 
  4. Expired Cards: Debit cards, Credit cards or store cards, criminals can hustle to get benefits using it.
  5. Electricity and phone bills: It can be used as an identity by thieves. 
  6. Old payslips: It contains valuable information about your income as well as your employer.
  7. Medical records: It not only contains intimate details about your health but also details of doctors and medicare payments.
  8. Old tax returns: Even though these documents are not needed by ATO still it contains your valuable financial information.
  9. Old airline boarding pass: You may think it’s junk but the barcode contains your personal information.
  10. Personalised junk mails: Those mails with credit card offers can be used by fraudsters and criminals against you.

So, before you start cleaning your old paper pile up, make sure you check documents carefully for personal information. You need to hire a professional paper shredding service provider in Australia to ensure proper confidential document disposal.

With Sydney Shredding, all your document destruction needs in Sydney is taken care of easily, eliminating all risks of identity theft. You can simply place an order online and we will send you the shredding bag(s) before 5 pm the following business day. As and when you are ready, give us a call and we will pick up the bags. These bags once sealed will not be opened till destruction. All our drivers are vetted through federal police and the vehicles are fully secure with GPS tracker. 

Sydney Shredding takes full responsibility of chain of custody and ensures document shredding properly. Our paper shredding services are not only easy and cost-effective but also totally environment-friendly.

Apart from document shredding, we provide complete document destruction service as well as confidential document disposal service. You can choose the type of service you need depending upon the sensitivity of the information in the document. Sydney Shredding gives you the ‘Certificate of Destruction‘ for destroying all your documents securely.  

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