Hire Professional Shredding Services in Sydney. End Of The Year Office Clutter Clean Up?

With the festive season around the corner, soon everybody will get occupied with Christmas decorations, holiday preparations, and end of the year parties. Everyone may lose focus on the mundane filling work which may lead to office clutter. This could be an issue for your business to leave important and confidential information in the open due to this end of the year office clutter. 

We are sure you do not want anyone to leave their desk unorganised for the December holiday break. At the end of the day, it’s your company image that can get tarnished if any case of breach or identity theft happens. 

So, be proactive and ask everyone in the office to take some time out now to do an office clean-up. This is the right time to declutter your office space and get rid of unwanted documents in a secure way. 

Tips to declutter your office space

Examine each document: Each document must be thoroughly checked on regular intervals before it’s discarded. Some documents related to financial records or tax records need to be kept for five years. Beyond that, you must get rid of it.

Keep a digital copy: Scanning and keeping a digital copy of valuable documents on cloud services like Google Drive can help a lot to declutter your office space. Additionally, it is a secure way to keep the documents for future access rather than letting it loose on the office desk. 

Be organised and practice regular disposal: On the routine, if everyone follows a proper filing system then they can not only be organised but can also avoid office clutter. You must make a system of regular monthly disposal of unwanted documents to reduce the chances of end of the year office clutter. 

Secure disposal of unwanted documents:  While disposing of unwanted documents, you must consider the fact that it may still contain vital information about your company, your employees, and confidential financial information too. Especially, when you are decluttering your office at the end of the year, the risk of losing focus and letting it fall in the wrong hands is too high. So, it is wise to hire a professional document shredding service provider in Sydney, to do secure disposal of unwanted documents.

Not simply the end of the year clean up but if you want to have an organised office space around the year, you need an expert document shredding service provider. A company, which is efficient and can handle all your document destruction needs in Sydney.

Go with Sydney Shredding services!

Sydney Shredding has regular document shredding services, which are weekly, biweekly, monthly or quarterly, that you can choose as per your company requirements. We take full responsibility for the chain of custody of bags and ensure proper document shredding is done. With our GPS enabled vehicles and federal police vetted drivers, we ensure no information leak happens. We also provide you with the ‘Certificate of Destruction’ for destroying all your documents securely. 

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