Why Professional Paper Shredding Services Still Required In The Digital Age?

Paper Shredding Services

Do you think that professional paper shredding services are not required in this digital age?

Think again!

According to Forest ethics research, Australia is the largest consumer of paper products per capita in the world. Yes, you read it right! We are the largest consumer of paper products in the world, whether it is for official purposes or personal.

The world is still catching up to the digital revolution and if you were under the impression that there isn’t much requirement for paper left, you are hugely mistaken. In fact, a survey shows that around 70% of consumers like to use printed documents to keep track of and manage their finances.

Even the millennial generation prefers to store printed documents instead of digital storage as they feel that hard copies are more secure. This leads to heavy usage of the printed paper that consists of vital or highly sensitive information of the people. Some of the documents that people usually have in the traditional printed format are:

·         Utility bills like electricity or water bills.

·         Bank account and credit card statements

·         Driver license forms and renewals

·         Insurance policies

·         Official employee hiring/firing related documents

·         Company tax-related documents and many more

These documents hold sensitive information that most identity thieves look out for. With Identity theft as one of the leading issues in Australia, people need to be more careful about how they dispose of the expired or not in use documents that contain personal identifiable information.  People need to be extra careful with printed documents that include their photo IDs as well.

This is why people need to be extremely careful when shredding such important documents after they have been utilized. Professional Document Destruction Services in Sydney can help take care of secure document destruction preventing misuse of your confidential information.

Sydney Shredding offers secure document destruction and holistic paper shredding services for all businesses and individuals in the NSW region. We ensure to securely destroy the sensitive documents preventing them from falling into the wrong hands.

Want to learn more about our process? Contact Sydney Shredding at 1300 310 452.

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