Why Using An Office Paper Shredder Isn’t Enough?

Are you in charge of handling sensitive documents at your workplace? Do you feel that an office paper shredder provides secure document destruction

You have no idea how risky it is and how it can cost you and your company!

Using an office paper shredder to destroy confidential documents is never the best option. You need secure and professional paper shredding services in Sydney to take care of it. 

Our government has strict document destruction policies in place to ensure the safety of a company and its individuals. In this digital age, it has become quite easy to be a victim of identity theft and other fraudulent crimes. So just using an office paper shredder isn’t enough. 

Here are a few more reasons why you should just not rely on your office paper shredder to shred sensitive documents.

Office paper shredder costs you more: While it seems like a cost-effective option at first, it does pile-up in the long run. The maintenance cost, replacement of parts, cleaning costs are a few things that you may have not considered before choosing a paper shredder for your office. It is going to cost you much higher in the long run. 

Health Issues: Too much document shredding in your office premises can lead to health issues in your employees. The shredding of documents produces a fine dust that can cause breathing issues.

Negligence: It is common for humans to make mistakes. What if the decision to shred a document or not to shred a document land your business in trouble? Leaving the decision to shred documents on the employee can be a significant threat to your business. A professional service provider that offers Secure Document Destruction Service in Sydney must be trusted for a task like this.

No proof of shredding: When you leave the document shredding requirements in the hands of the employees, you don’t know whether the documents are being properly destroyed or not. Your employee may not have the proper training for secure document destruction. Moreover, you don’t get any proof or a Certificate of Destruction when you are shredding documents in the office.

You need secure Document Shredding Services in Sydney 

We ensure all documents are completely destroyed and a proper Certificate of Destruction is provided to help with your audit purposes. Our services are cost-effective and we offer the best paper shredding services in Sydney, NSW.

Want to learn more about our process and how we operate? Get in touch with us at 1300 310 452.

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