Protect Your Business From Breaches Under Australian Privacy Laws

Even in this digital era, most businesses and government organisations in Sydney still collect and keep records of personal and confidential information of employees and clients. 

Do you also run a business that has access to employee and client confidential information for contractual purposes? If you do, how do you destroy the data after its requirement is fulfilled? 

The Australian Privacy Act ensures that all confidential data collected by corporations for any official purpose must be destroyed properly in order to secure the privacy of the citizens. 

Not taking document destruction seriously could lead to some serious issues for you and your business. If there is a breach of data or any misuse is reported, it could be a huge PR issue for your business. It can lead to massive fines or you may face major legal consequences.

Learn about the Australian Privacy Act (APA)

This act was introduced in 1988, to promote and protect the privacy of citizens. The Australian Privacy Act (APA)  applies to Australian organisations and government agencies to regulate how they collect and destroy confidential information. The law is so severe that any breach can result in fines up to $420,000. The act also regulates the privacy component of the consumer credit reporting system, tax file numbers, and health and medical research

As per APA, companies with less than $3 million annual turnovers are exempted, however, any company handling confidential information must conform to that act to protect itself, its employees and customers.

In terms of destruction of the confidential data, wherein a company no longer needs to retain the said information, the APA (Section 11.2) clearly states:

“the entity must take such steps as are reasonable in the circumstances to destroy the information or to ensure that the information is de‑identified.”

Hence, you must protect your business from any breaches under this law and comply with it. Be wise and instead of taking a chance of mishandling the confidential information, hire a professional confidential document disposal service provider in Sydney.

You should hire an efficient and trusted document shredding service provider, who has industry expertise and can handle all your document destruction needs in Sydney.

Why choose Sydney Shredding services?

1) Privacy Secured: We ensure complete privacy as per your business policies. We provide secure, non-transparent, easy-to-seal bag(s) and deliver them at your doorstep. Once you fill the bags and seal it, book our pick up service.  

2) Company-owned, GPS tracked vehicles: We have vehicles fitted with GPS trackers that are constantly monitored to avoid any bag tampering. All the vehicles are monitored to ensure nothing gets lost en-route.

3) Chain of custody:  Our drivers ensure that the chain of custody is never broken. With us, you will never have to worry about it. We take full responsibility for the transfer of the bags to the destruction location and ensure all the bags are properly destroyed along with all the confidential documents.

4) Vetted drivers: All our drivers are vetted and cleared by Federal Police in Sydney.

5) Eco-friendly document destruction services: We shred the documents in tiny fragments and recycle it in an eco-friendly manner so that the document is completely destroyed with no trace left. 

6) Certificate of Destruction: We provide a ‘Certificate of Destruction’, guaranteeing the destruction of all sensitive and confidential information as per APA guidelines.
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