Avoid sensitive information leak with secure document destruction service in Sydney 

Avoid sensitive information leak with secure document destruction service in Sydney

It is vital for all businesses to maintain the confidentiality of information in its possession. As per the Australian Privacy Act (APA),  if any leak or breaches occur, the Company will be held liable and can be penalised with fines up to $420,000. Therefore, it is important that you have a secure document destruction system in your company to avoid any sensitive information leak. 

Information like customer records, employee records, medical records, social security numbers, financial records, personal identification numbers, credit card or bank records, etc. are considered as sensitive and confidential due to the risk of identity theft or corporate espionage.

How to handle sensitive/confidential information in the organisation?

  • Identify sensitive/confidential information: You need to identify what all information can be sensitive/ confidential as per your business.
  • Define confidential information access, usage, distribution and secure document destruction policy: You must have a defined policy for handling the confidential information as well as for secure document destruction process for all expired confidential documents. You must also have a policy for password-protected print out option for confidential information to minimise information leaks. 
  • Analyse current information flow: By analysing the flow of information you can identify the vulnerabilities in their handling. Figure out the answer to –
  • Who uses these information assets?
  • How are these information assets currently created, modified, distributed, and destructed?
  • What is the chain of custody for information handling?
  • Is there a gap in confidential information handling policy and its implementation?
  • Review and monitor the implementation process: You must review and monitor on regular intervals whether the policies defined for handling the information assets are meticulously followed or not. This will help you check the violations of the policies.

Even if you make strong policies for handling confidential information, information leaks can occur while document destruction. 

Hence, instead of relying on employees with an office shredder as a destruction policy, hiring a professional document destruction services in Sydney is wiser. A professional document shredding service provider has industry expertise in handling such information and can mitigate the risk of any information leak.

Go with Sydney Shredding services!

Sydney Shredding Services has high-security clearance and expertise in handling secure document destruction services in Sydney, NSW. Our drivers are vetted and cleared by Federal Police. We take full responsibility for the chain of custody of the document bag(s) and transport them through GPS tracked vehicles. We follow an eco-friendly process for secure document destruction and provide the “Certificate of Destruction” as a proof for 100% completion of the process, leaving no trace of confidential/sensitive document.

We also have onsite destruction services in Sydney for a secure document destruction process.

For more information, feel free to reach us at 1300 310 452.

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